Reality Combat System

At REALITY COMBAT SYSTEM (RCS) we teach people an efficient system in reality-based self defense within a very short amount of time, and save them thousands of dollars when compared to other programs! (DEALS FOR TWO OR MORE!!!)

Learn to defeat attackers, including those armed with knives, guns, bottles, baseball bats, multiple attackers etc. Prevent being a victim of carjackings, sexual assaults, and muggings!

The techniques of RCS are utilized by both male and female law enforcement, military, and intelligence operatives worldwide. Many agents have nicknamed RCS as “Dirty MMA” due to RCS using only the proven combat techniques from French Savate, Israeli Krav Maga, Thailand's Muay Thai, Japanese Jiujitsu, Korean Hwa Rang Do, Chinese Wing Chun, Filipino Kali, Irish Black Thorn, Greco-Roman Wrestling, and Western boxing without testing for colored belts. The practitioner will learn techniques to defend from strangleholds, kicks, chokes, punches, headlocks, knife-attacks, gun disarms, and attacks with baseball bats. 

REALITY COMBAT SYSTEM (RCS) is Krav Maga based but not exclusive.  Each lesson is a two-hours long session.  During each lesson one of those hours will always focus on KravMaga self defense. The other hour will always focus on one of our other principles. For instance at Level-1 the first hour is a lesson on "The Princples of Boxing" followed by an hour of Krav Maga defense against chokes and strangleholds. The second lesson would have the first hour focus on "Science of Kickboxing" (Muay-Thai and Savate), followed by the second hour of Krav Maga techniques in gun disarming. The third lesson in Level-1 is an hour of "Introduction to Chinese Boxing" (Wing Tsun) followed by an hour of Krav Maga techniques against knife attacks, and so on, and so on. Because of the simplicity of the techniques as well as our teaching methods, the students absorb the theory and understand the techniques with repetitive muscle memorization drills.